Six Short Films about Mexico: Watch Online

By |15/November/2018|

In a new series, Alborada curates a selection of socially-conscious and radical short films focused on a specific Latin American country, all of which are freely available and can be watched here.

This new series focuses on short films from different Latin American countries to present a broad picture of the people, movements and struggles, past and present, that define each one. Our first stop is Mexico.

(Please feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comments section below.)

1) Connected Walls (Valeria Fernandez and Fidel Enriquez)

Nogales is, officially, two cities but in effect is one urban sprawl straddling the Mexico-US border. Locals do not refer to a border but rather ‘the line’. In addition to physical space, Teresa and Faith transcend social and cultural divides as well. As Faith describes her time on construction sites, being one woman among 700 men: ‘although I’ve not emigrated from one country to another, I’ve emigrated from one gender to an experience that is similar’.

2) We are Equal: Zapatista Women Speak (Chiapas Media Project / Promedios)

In this self-produced film, Zapatista women address historic patriarchy within their societies and how their liberation is a core tenet