For our latest Alborada Online, our panel of speakers discussed the role of Britain in supporting the 1973-1990 military dictatorship of General Pinochet in Chile.

The role of the US government in the 1973 Chilean coup is widely documented. But the UK government’s role in the death of Chile’s democracy and the rise of the Pinochet regime is less known. This online talk explores the secret history of British interference in Chile’s democracy, the friendship that emerged between Margaret Thatcher and Pinochet, and the New Labour government’s decision to allow the Chilean dictator to evade justice for crimes against humanity.

Joining us are investigative journalist John McEvoy, who has spent years carrying out archival research and Freedom of Information work into Britain’s support for the Chilean dictatorship, and Sara De Witt, who arrived in Britain in the 1970s as a political exile from Chile.


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