Can you help Alborada to take part in next week’s The World Transformed political education festival in Liverpool?

We’re delighted to return to The World Transformed (TWT) festival in Liverpool next week (24-27 September).

Following our successful seminar at TWT last year, we’ve been invited to return this year and run a seminar focused on the resurgence of the Latin American Left. We’ll be joined by some great speakers including María José Pizarro, a Colombian senator in the new progressive government of Gustavo Petro.

It is a time of optimism across Latin America, as Honduras, Chile and, for the first time ever, Colombia have recently elected leftwing governments, with Brazil looking well-placed to join them in October’s election. Alongside the defeat of a US/UK-backed coup in Bolivia, these new governments join several other countries in the region currently under progressive leadership. These spectacular triumphs provide important lessons for a British Left which has found itself on the ropes since the 2019 election.

We will also be providing interviews and talks to TWT’s festival TV channel, which will bring Latin America’s message of hope to a wide audience.

To do all this, we’re asking for your support to help us reach £250 to cover some of the costs of our participation at TWT. TWT provide a venue and cover some costs. In addition we plan to pay someone to film and edit the seminar which will go on our website. We’d also need to cover various other expenses associated with attending the festival.

We hope you will be able to make a donation, but if you can’t, you can support us by sharing this request and our event at TWT. Your support is greatly appreciated and if you are in Liverpool for the festival please do come and say hello.

Anyone donating more than £15 will receive a complimentary digital rental of documentaries from both of Alborada’s co-editors: Pablo Navarrete’s No Extradition and Nick MacWilliam’s Santiago Rising.

If we manage to surpass our £250 target all funds will go to supporting our work.

Click here to donate. Thank you for your support.