Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet.

Joe Emersberger says the corporate mainstream media is in denial over Venezuela’s regional election results.

2) The United Colors of Benetton Include Blood Red in Argentina (Darío Aranda/Upside Down World)

At the center of the forced disappearance of Santiago Maldonado and his subsequent death lay a global fashion company, Argentina’s long-standing extractive model, and the repression of displaced Indigenous communities.

3) Who Ordered Killing of Honduran Activist? Evidence of Broad Plot Is Found (Elizabeth Malkin/New York Times)

The evidence, the lawyers said, points to a plot against Berta Cáceres that was months in the making and reached up to senior executives of Desarrollos Energéticos, known as Desa, the Honduran company holding the dam concession.

4) ‘Take the Victoria Line to Colombia’: Inside London’s colourful Latin market, threatened with demolition (Will Worley/The Independent)

Traders in the Pueblito Paisa market – overwhelmingly made up of South American migrants – are fighting a Compulsory Purchase Order which would see their precious community hub demolished.

5) Caetano Veloso & Brazil’s Cultural Wars (Brasil Wire)

Veteran singer songwriter, Caetano Veloso, legend of the Tropicalia movement which emerged in resistance to censorship and moralism of the 1960s Military Dictatorship, was prevented from performing for what he said was “the first time in the democratic period”.

6) 10 Iconic Latin American Photographers Who Challenged Repressive Regimes & Societal Norms (Christina Noriega/Remezcla)

At a time of great political turmoil in Latin America, the following photographers questioned societal conditions, uplifted the downtrodden, and challenged repressive regimes.

7) Soviet Influences in Latin America That You May Not Know (teleSUR English)

The relationship between the Soviet Union and Latin America was very profound, complex and full of solidarity.

8) Is Latin America Ready to Accept More Resettled Refugees? (Marcia Vera Espinoza/The Conversation)

A group of 70 refugees from Syria who have been living in Lebanon are set to arrive in Chile in October. With an estimated 1.2m refugees globally in need of resettlement in 2018, regions such as Latin America are being asked to expand their resettlement programmes to take more people in.

9) Tracking El Salvador’s Progress in Historic Human Rights Cases (Geoff Thale/Washington Office on Latin America)

This commentary is the first of a three-part series that will attempt to assess various areas where El Salvador has made progress and others where resistance to change, underdeveloped institutions, and a weak culture of respect for the rule of law have hindered progress.


10) Children of the FARC: Baby Boom in Colombia’s Jungles (Lali Houghton/Al Jazeera English)

Two Colombian guerrilla fighters prepare to give birth for the first time, as their rebel army lays down its arms.