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Indestructible: Latin America with Rodrigo Acuña is a new podcast from Alborada bringing you monthly discussions with some of the most interesting voices working on and from Latin America.

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“Generally, Latin America does not receive serious coverage in the English speaking mainstream media. When it does, we hear a brief mention of some major drug dealer being arrested, or a ‘controversial’ president having had to resign. Dig deeper behind these headlines and you’ll often find large webs of corruption, serious human rights abuses, massive social movements that go largely unreported and numerous western backed coup d’états in support of rather unsavoury characters. Often, the mainstream media avoids linking these developments with the actions of corporations, or governments that could be held accountable by their own audiences in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or even here in Australia where I live. Indestructible aims to readdress this imbalance.” – Rodrigo Acuña

Presented by Alborada contributing editor Rodrigo Acuña.

Produced and edited by Pablo Navarrete.

Music by Chylez Productions.

::: Episode 1: Fidel Castro Up Close: An Interview with Eduardo Torres Flores (December 2020)

In the first episode of Indestructible, Rodrigo interviews Mexican filmmaker Eduardo Torres Flores on his new documentary film ‘Fidel Up Close: An Intimate Portrait of Fidel Castro.’

Listen here.

::: Episode 2: Wikileaks & Latin America: An Interview with Julian Assange’s Father John Shipton (February 2021)

In the second episode Rodrigo interviews Julian Assange’s father John Shipton about his son’s case, and the connections his Wikileaks work has with Latin America.

Listen here.

::: Episode 3: Colombia’s Struggle for Peace: An Interview with Mariela Kohon (March 2021)

In the third episode of Indestructible, Rodrigo interviews Mariela Kohon who is a Senior International Officer at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in the United Kingdom and worked as an advisor to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP) during the signing of the historic 2016 peace agreement between the Colombian State and the FARC rebels.

Listen here.

::: Episode 4: Latin America in the Media: An Interview with Alan MacLeod (May 2021)

In the fourth episode of Indestructible, Rodrigo interviews Alan Macleod about how the corporate media in the English-speaking world covers Latin
America and, amongst numerous issues, what are they not telling us about the region.
Listen here.
::: Episode 5: Bolivia and on the Ground Reporting: An Interview with Camila Escalante (July 2021)
In the fifth episode of Indestructible Rodrigo interviews journalist Camila Escalante about covering important stories on Latin America the mainstream media often ignore. Camila works for Kawsachun News and is based in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Listen here.
::: Episode 6: Australia’s role in Chile in the 1970s: An Interview with Clinton Fernandes (August 2021)
In the sixth episode of Indestructible Rodrigo interviews Clinton Fernandes about Australia’s intelligence agencies involvement in Chile in the 1970s and Canberra’s foreign policy towards East Timor, Indonesia, China and the United States. Clinton is a former Australian Army officer who served in the Australian Intelligence Corps and currently works as a Professor of International and Political Studies at the University of New South Wales.
Listen here.

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