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Alborada presents

Latin America Rising: Imperialism, Resistance and Solidarity

7.30pm-9pm, Saturday 25 September 2021, @ The World Transformed Festival, Brighton, UK

Across Latin America, social movements, activists and ordinary citizens are resisting neoliberalism and foreign intervention. From grassroots opposition to Brazil’s neofascist Bolsonaro government, to the immense uprisings against economic inequality in Chile and Colombia, to indigenous organisation that overturned a coup in Bolivia, Latin America’s streets and plazas are the battlegrounds in building new societies geared towards the many rather than the few. With Latin America’s Left once again pushing back the neoliberal order, we are joined by Latin American and UK activists to discuss what lessons can be drawn from a region leading the global fight for social justice.


Event supported by Justice for Colombia (JFC)

MORE INFO: https://theworldtransformed.org/twt21/latin-america-rising-against-neoliberalism-and-imperialism/