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Building political majorities for governing from the Left: lessons for the Frente Amplio, Chile.

29nd July – UCL SEES – Room

There are several challenges that transformative processes and political struggles from the Left face when attempting to build social and political majorities, particularly when aiming to form a Government that successfully delivers social justice. Frente Amplio Chile is an emerging Left coalition that aims to end with the two-party system in Chile, overthrow neoliberalism and guarantee Social Rights for all.

In this Discussion, organised by the London branch of Frente Amplio, aims at drawing lessons from contemporary experiences of the Left. We will have speakers giving an insight about the political processes in different countries around the following question:

What are the challenges for building social and political majorities for governing from the Left?

Particularly the following aspects:
1- Core Political and Programme definitions
2- Organisational Challenges
3- The role of social movements.

1- Sebastian Cespedes, Frente Amplio Chile
2- Juan Carlos Piedra, Movimiento Ecuador en Reino Unido
3- Pablo Perez Castelló, PODEMOS, España.
4- Gemma Short, Labour Party UK

Afterwards, we will have a debate in groups focusing on what are the lessons that can be learnt from these experiences for the incoming challenges that Frente Amplio will face in the future, starting with this 2017 Presidential Election.

We hope to see you there!

Frente Amplio Londres.