Chile’s 2019 Social Explosion demanded a new constitution to replace the current Pinochet-era document, but the right has now gained control of the process.

In 2019 the nation of Chile was shaken by a mass protest movement that has come to be known as the Social Explosion. A central demand of the Social Explosion was the abolition of the current constitution drafted in 1980 under US-backed fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet. In 2020, Chileans overwhelmingly voted for a new constitutional process in a referendum. However, just two years later, a plebiscite overwhelmingly rejected a new proposed constitution.

Since then, the far right has hijacked the process by stacking the constituents to create another constitutional draft with their own representatives. The Real News reports from Chile, speaking directly with women and LGBTQ activists at the frontlines of this struggle, who explain how the new constitution has gone from being a vehicle to expand gender equality to a grave threat against women’s rights and LGBTQ rights.

Producer, Videographer, Translation: Nick MacWilliam
Narrator: Marlena Weinberg
Video Editor: Leo Erhardt
Videographer: Simón Díaz-Cuffin Additional
Footage: Alborada Films, Universidad de Santiago, Ruptly

This video report was originally commissioned and released by The Real News Network.