Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet.

1) Protests Against Greed and Inequality Are Spreading Like Wildfire Through Latin America (Alan Macleod/Mint Press News)

Historic protests are taking place across Latin America as people take to the streets to voice their displeasure at the IMF, government corruption, and the spread of fascism.

2) Argentina: Campaigning for Inclusion During the COVID-19 Lockdown (Nina Meghji/Latin American Bureau)

How Queer Tango is helping Buenos Aires’ older residents and keeping alive its LGBTQ+ campaigns

3) I Was Shot and Lost My Sight for Protesting Inequality in Chile. We Need to Keep Demanding Justice (Gustavo Gatica/Time Magazine)

Gustavo Gatica Villarroel was born in Santiago and studies psychology at the Academy of Christian Humanism University. He remains an active participant in the social demonstrations that have rocked Chile over the past year.

4) MAS’s Adriana Salvatierra: “Now We Can Continue the Revolution in Bolivia” (Interview by Denis Rogatyuk & Bruno Sommer Catalan/Jacobin)

Last weekend’s Bolivian elections saw socialist Luis Arce romp to victory with 55 percent of the vote. Former senate president Adriana Salvatierra told Jacobin how the restored MAS government can undo the damage caused by last year’s coup — and set Bolivia back on the path to social transformation.

5) The Other Americans: United States Attacks Cuban Medics During Pandemic (Jeff Abbott/ Progressive)

There are parts of Guatemala that have no access to medical services from the Guatemalan government. This void is being filled by the doctors from the Cuban medical mission, who are working in the most remote parts of the country.

6) Haiti has a Long History of Being Assaulted by its Latin American Neighbors (Lautaro Rivara/ Counterpunch)

A 15-year peacekeeping mission by the UN in Haiti that ended one year ago still has unanswered questions about how Latin American nations came to participate in the occupation against a small, unarmed and impoverished Caribbean nation.

7) Today Is Chile’s Chance to Bury Pinochet’s Legacy (Melany Cruz/Tribune Magazine)

Today’s referendum in Chile provides the opportunity to scrap the right-wing constitution introduced by the Pinochet regime – and rebuild the country on a truly democratic basis.

8) How Venezuela has held back COVID-19 in spite of the US sanctions stranglehold on its economy (Vijay Prashad/Peoples Dispatch)

María Lourdes Urbaneja Durant tells Vijay Prashad that despite sabotage by the US, Venezuela has been able to curb the spread of COVID-19 through “participation of the people”.

9) The Language of Pain (Cristina Rivera Garza/The Paris Review)
What we Mexicans have been forced to witness at the beginning of the twenty-first century—on the streets, on pedestrian bridges, on television, or in the papers—is, without a doubt, one of the most chilling spectacles of contemporary horror.


10) The War on Cuba (Reed Lindsay, 2020)

The documentary series, The War on Cuba, gives an inside look on the effects of U.S. sanctions on Cuban people.