Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet.

1) El Salvador’s New Savior (Hillary Goodfriend/Upside Down World)

Popular politician Nayib Bukele is, in many ways, a monster of the FMLN’s own creation. To defeat him, and to ensure the continuity of its own revolutionary project, the party will have to cultivate radical new voices from within.

2) Will the errors of Chile’s left facilitate a right-wing victory? (Ramona Wadi/TRT World)

The country’s right-wing candidate Sebastian Pinera has gained a lead in the presidential elections, but the left , even though battered by the low voter turnout, still has a chance of bouncing back in the upcoming run-offs.

3) Fighting Chevron in Ecuador (Lindsay Ofrias/NACLA)

For twenty years, Chevron-Texaco dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste into Ecuador’s northern Amazon. How have communities responded?

4) Djamila Ribeiro: The fight against racism & sexism in Post-Coup Brasil (Brian Mier/Brasil Wire)

Djamila Ribeiro, 37, is currently one of the most popular writers and public figures in the Afro-Brazilian woman’s rights movement. Her new book, Nos, Madelenas: uma palavra pelo feminismo (We Magdalenes: a word for feminism) will be released this December and promises to be a best seller.

5) “Colombia is safe for business, but not for people”: interview with Daniel Kovalik (Ricardo Vaz/Investig’action)

Murders of trade unionists and social leaders, paramilitary activity, coca production… If we only paid attention to the mainstream media we would not get the idea that these problems are actually growing in Colombia, one year after the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC came into place.

6) How Three Butterflies Defeated a Brutal Dictator (Laura J Snook/teleSUR English)

The Mirabal sisters made the ultimate sacrifice to topple Dominican despot Rafael Trujillo, triggering the advent of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women every November 25.

7) The Media, Venezuela, and Hunger Statistics: A Case Study in Careless Reporting (Jacob Wilson/Venezuela Analysis)

The mainstream press has been irresponsibly exaggerating the extent of Venezuela’s food crisis.

8) Gender violence in Guatemala: ‘A woman’s struggle is everyone’s struggle’ (Elizabeth Melimopoulos and Ali Rae/Al Jazeera English)

Mayan women share challenges they face every day in Guatemala, which has one of the highest femicide rates in the world.

9) Ten truths about Cuba’s general elections (Sean J Clancy/Green Left Weekly)

Although the media spends a lot of time portraying Cuba as a “dictatorship”, it has barely covered the fact that Cubans have once again begun a process of electing officials, starting from the local and going all the way up to the national parliament.


10) Atarraya (Ricardo Santana)

Atarraya portraits the lives of Sergio and Raúl, two fishermen living in the coasts of Cerro Gordo, one of the few active fishermen coast in Puerto Rico. Surrounded by restrictions, their day by day living becomes a struggle.