Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet 

1) To “Afflict the Comfortable” (Jonah Walters/NACLA)

Remembering Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, the Sandinista priest and one-time United Nations General Assembly president who died earlier this month.

2) The Long Struggle Against Dependency (Kyla Sankey/Jacobin)

The Pink Tide governments’ efforts to break from the tyrannies of world market dependence are not new. Neither are their failures to do so.

3) How Brazil’s progressive migration bill was sabotaged (Raphael Tsavkko Garcia/Al Jazeera English)

Brazil could have had one of the world’s most progressive migration bills but Islamophobia and xenophobia killed it.

4) Burning Man in Venezuela (Greg Grandin/The Nation)

The man set on fire in Caracas might be the perfect symbol of the country’s runaway opposition.

5) What happened in the recent strikes in Afro-Colombia, and why is this important to US-Colombia relations? (Gimena Sanchez/Colombia Reports)

During the month of May, the Pacific Coast of Colombia was engulfed by non-violent civic strikes. In response to long-standing government neglect, poor living conditions, and insecurity, residents of the Choco Department and the port city of Buenaventura halted work activity and peacefully protested to call on the government to address their needs.

6) Mexican Singer Lila Downs in Conversation & Performance on Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman/Democracy Now!)

One of Mexico’s most acclaimed singer-songwriters, Lila Downs recently stopped by the Democracy Now! studio to perform four new songs and talk about her music, Donald Trump and much more. The Grammy-winning artist has just released her 10th album titled Salón, Lágrimas y Deseo. The album is dedicated to strong women everywhere.

7) WOLA Report: Mexico’s Southern Border – Security, Central American Migration, and U.S. Policy (Adam Isaacson, Maureen Meyer and Hannah Smith/Washington Office on Latin America)

We are witnessing a U.S. assault on migrants on a scale that will have implications for human rights in our hemisphere for years to come. WOLA is leading a new, dynamic, and strategic campaign to expose and challenge Trump-era immigration and border security policies.

8) Jose Carlos Mariategui 87 Years Later (Marc Becker/teleSUR English)

Mariategui’s funeral was one of the largest processions of workers ever seen in the streets of Lima, Peru, but in the U.S. his death was hardly noticed.

9) Why Protecting Journalists is Critical for Mexico’s Democracy (Paul Imison/Dissent Magazine)

Javier Valdez was the sixth journalist murdered in Mexico so far this year. What will it take for his killers to see justice?


10) The Past is Not History (Richard Duffy, UK, 2016)

A film made for the Arcatao Museum of Historical Memory in Chalatenango, El Salvador. The documentary investigates the Salvadoran civil war from the perspective of the ‘campesinos’, or peasant farmers, and the process of creating an historical narrative of the conflict from the memories of the people who lived through it.