Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet.


1) Bolivia’s Coup in Practice (Guillaume Long/Tribune)

In the months since the coup d’état in Bolivia, the Añez government has aligned itself with hardline right-wing forces across the region – and made a mockery of Western ‘democratisation’ narratives.

2) After US Terrorist War and Sanctions, Nicaragua Fights for Justice at International Court (Ben Norton & Carlos Argüello Gómez/The Grayzone)

Nicaragua’s representative to the UN’s International Court of Justice, Carlos Argüello Gómez, speaks about his country’s case against the US over its terrorist Contra war, the 2018 coup attempt, and why sanctions are an illegal form of warfare on civilians.

3) Chile’s Struggle to Democratise the State (J. Patrice McSherry/NACLA)

Will the people of Chile be able to shape their own destiny via a plebiscite? Two months before the scheduled vote, the answer remains uncertain.

4) As Media Amplifies Unrest in Venezuela and Beyond, Colombians Quietly Revolt (Alan MacLeod & Whitney Webb/MintPress News)

Despite protests of historic proportions fueled by anger over corruption and a brutal right-wing crackdown, the unrest in Colombia has garnered remarkably little international media attention compared to Venezuela.

5) Dilma Rousseff Defends Oscar-nominated Petra Costa (Brasil Wire)

Former President of the Brazilian Republic Dilma Rousseff has publicly defended Academy Award nominated director Petra Costa, who has come under relentless attack from supporters of the 2016 Coup that her film ‘The Edge of Democracy’ documents, including  extreme-right President Jair Bolsonaro himself.

6) Argentina’s Fracking Boom Is Creating Climate Justice Concerns (Greg Wilpert & Nick Cunningham/The Real News Network)

Big Oil hopes Argentina’s shale oil and gas boom can rival the United States’. Backed by US dollar diplomacy, the boom has come at the cost of climate change, ecological damage, and encroachment on indigenous land.

7) The Brutal Reality of Life Inside One of the World’s Most Polluted Cities (Naomi Larsson/WIRED UK)

In Quintero, oil leaks and pollution from heavy industry is taking a heavy toll on the health of local citizens. Now the fight is on to clean up one of Chile’s so-called “sacrifice zones”

8) Venezuela and Climate Change (Miguel Angel Núñez/Venezuelanalysis)

Venezuelan agroecologist Miguel Angel Núñez looks at the impact of rising temperatures on Venezuela’s agriculture.

9) Extractivism and resistance in Latin America and the Caribbean (Maria Villareal & Enara Echart Muñoz/Open Democracy)

There is an unequal exposure to pollution depending on the systemic position of countries, power relations, as well as variables such as race, class or gender. Therefore, it is essential to politicise the debate of sustainability beyond conservationism.


10) Chile United: Football Fans Fight Back (Redfish)

After the police murder of a left-wing Chilean football supporter, ultras of rivaling fan clubs are uniting against the government. But as they defy police repression they have also started questioning and fighting back against the entire system.

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