Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet.

1) Why Is Nicaragua’s Homicide Rate So Far Below That of Its Central American Neighbors? (Roberto Lovato/The Nation)

It’s the revolution, stupid—which fostered innovative policing, along with the dedicated work of community organizers and women activists.

2) 8 Reasons to Oppose the Lula Decision (National Coordination of the Homeless Workers Movement)

Brazil’s Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST) gives eight reasons why Lula’s conviction was unjust.

3) The Strategic Challenge for the Latin American Left (Rafael Correa/teleSUR English)

Mass-Media has become the main opposition to the progressive governments of the region.

4) Land and Liberty: A Review of Anarchism in Latin America (Sasha Berkman/Black Rose Anarchist Federation)

Anarchism in Latin America is at its most compelling when it recounts, at breakneck pace, the lives of the revolutionaries who managed to fit what seems like several lifetimes of work into one. Towering figures such as the Spanish-born anarchist Diego Abad de Santillan who moved to Argentina at a young age loom large across several decades and numerous countries.

5) Is Mexico the most dangerous country on earth? (Belén Fernández/Al Jazeera English)

Or does it just suffer from the misfortune of being a neighbour of the US?

6) Two Wings of the Same Bird – Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hurricanes and Political Prisoners (Diana Block/Counterpunch)

A Puerto Rican and a Cuban freedom fighter sharing a cell was a twenty-first century manifestation of the historical bonds between the two islands, eloquently expressed in the lines that Puerto Rican poet Lola Rodriguez de Tió  wrote in 1893: Cuba and Puerto Rico are as two wings of the same bird, they receive flowers and bullets into the same heart.

7) WSJ’s Epic Distortion of Colombian and Venezuelan Refugees (Joe Emersberger/Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)

Colombia is a humanitarian and human rights disaster, and has been for decades, in very large part due to its close alliance with the United States. Thanks to Wikileaks, we know that US officials privately acknowledged estimates that hundreds of thousands of people were murdered by right-wing paramilitaries, and that the killings have nearly wiped out some indigenous groups.

8) A Repressive Status Quo (Ramona Wadi/NACLA)

As Chile’s president-elect Sebastian Piñera promises to perfect its anti-terror laws, repression against the Mapuche people seems likely to increase during his second presidential term.

9) Costa Rica: is the far right poised for victory? (Mike Gatehouse/Latin America Bureau)

The country has become famous for its wonderful natural beauty – home to nearly 6 per cent of the world’s biodiversity – and receives approximately 3 million tourists every year. So it may surprise many visitors that a candidate who promises to open the country to oil drilling and mining, could become the next president.


10) The Stories of Women in Prison for Drug Related Crimes (WOLA)

This series of short films about women imprisoned for drug offenses in Mexico documents the human cost of current drug policies and the specific conditions by which these laws disproportionately impact women and their families.