Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet.

1) The President of Honduras is Deploying U.S.-Trained Forces Against Election Protesters (Lee Fang & Danielle Marie Mackey/The Intercept)

Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández, using the specter of rampant crime and the drug trade, won extensive support from the American government to build up highly trained state security forces. Now, those same forces are repressing democracy.

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2) Human Rights Watch, While Hawkish on Venezuela, Is Quiet on Violent Repression and Apparent Coup in Honduras (Ben Norton/Alternet)

Honduras’ incumbent right-wing government has been accused of stealing the election, but Human Right Watch’s Kenneth Roth is fixated on Venezuela.

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3) The Voice of Ocalan Resonates in Latin America (Raul Zibechi/The Region)

It has become a commonplace to say that the struggle of the Kurds of Northern Syria has resonances with the Zapatista movement. However, the thought of Abdullah Ocalan, as well as what has happened in the region of Rojava in recent years, is in line with what many Latin American social movements are doing.

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4) Marichuy could be the First Indigenous Woman President of Mexico (Barbara Sostaita/Feministing)

A 53-year-old indigenous woman is running for president of Mexico. María de Jesús Patricio Martínez, known to most as “Marichuy,” is a traditional Nahua healer from southern Jalisco, and could become the first indigenous woman elected to Mexico’s highest office.

5) Video – Pioneering Argentinian Filmmaker Fernando Birri Dies at 92 (Amy Goodman/Democracy Now!)

Pioneering Argentinian filmmaker Fernando Birri has died. He’s considered the father of the New Latin American Cinema, which challenged Hollywood and focused on the lives of the oppressed in Latin America. Along with Gabriel García Márquez and others, Birri founded the International School of Film and Television in Cuba and served as the school’s first director.

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6) Video – A Massacre of Farmers in US-Colombia ‘War On Drugs’ (Empire Files/TeleSUR English)

The Empire Files’ Abby Martin goes on-the-ground to investigate the 5 October 2017 Tumaco massacre in Colombia, interviewing witnesses and casualties.

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7) How Brazil’s Sex Workers Have Been Organized and Politically Effective for 30 Years (Amanda De Lisio/Upside Down World)

In Brazil, sex work remains politically and socially contentious. But thanks to a staunch sex worker movement in the country, the people who actually do the work have made themselves key contributors to the debate. It is a movement which has informed political policy, affected legislation in urban reform and sexual healthcare and fought tirelessly for the full recognition of sex work as a profession.

8) Best Albums of 2017 (S&C Team/Sounds and Colours)

If you’ve been following Sounds and Colours since the start you’ll know that we started off by focusing on South American music. The reason for this was simple: we wanted to show that there was an incredible amount of great music being made in South America that was distinct from the Latino music of the US or of the Cuban music that was so beloved by world music fans.

9) Lenin Moreno Steers Ecuador Rightward and Betrays the Revolution that Elected Him (Joe Emersberger/Counterpunch)

By turning on Correa, Moreno quickly won over the private media and (much like Mauricio Macri in Argentina) immediately had public and private media pushing the same agenda. However, at least in Macri’s case it was basically the agenda on which he had campaigned.

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10) Video – History through Cuban eyes: Noticiero ICAIC (The Listening Post/Al Jazeera English)

A Listening Post special looking back at a time when Cuban movie theatres delivered the news like nobody else.

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