Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet.

1) Snowflakes Hither, Yonder and In the Tropics: Ungentrifying Journalism from Brazil to Ecuador (Julian Cola/MintPress News)

The mammoth machine of mainstream and western media at-large tells us who is articulate enough, indeed worldly, mindful, and honest enough to saddle the demands required of international journalism.

2) The People of Brazil Must Know they Do Not Stand Alone (Claudia Webbe/Brasil Wire)

At the time of writing (August 26), Brazil has the second most cases (3,622,861) and deaths (115,309) from Coronavirus in the world. Many health experts believe these already horrendous figures are a massive under-reporting of the real situation.

3) Movements Sustain Historical Memory in Latin America (Diana Ramos Gutiérrez/NACLA)

From Mexico to Chile, the pandemic has not stopped social movements from demanding justice for human rights abuses.

4) European banks profiteering from environmental crimes in the Amazon (Aman Azhar/The Real News Network)

A recent study found that for years, private European banks based in Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands have provided billions of dollars for the extraction and trade of crude oil from the Ecuadorian Amazon to the U.S., leaving a trail of environmental devastation, violent crimes, and human misery.

5) The US contracts out its regime change operation in Nicaragua (John Perry/Council on Hemispheric Affairs)

An extraordinary leaked document gives a glimpse of the breadth and complexity of the US government’s plan to interfere in Nicaragua’s internal affairs up to and after its presidential election in 2021.

6) Venezuelan Guaidó coup regime is restoring relations with Israel, decade after Hugo Chávez broke ties (Ben Norton/The GrayZone)

The US-backed Venezuelan coup regime of Juan Guaidó is reestablishing ties with Israel and has opened a “virtual embassy” in Jerusalem, run by a right-wing rabbi who lives in Miami and wants Netanyahu’s help to fight “terrorism.”

7) Why Cuban Doctors Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize (Vijay Prashad/CounterPunch)

No wonder that there is an international campaign to have the Cuban doctors be honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. This aspect of Cuba’s work is essential to its socialist project of international solidarity through care work.

8) Colombia: The Flowers of Inequality (Lily Squires/Latin America Bureau)

The cut-flower export industry graphically illustrates economic and social divisions.

9) Class Struggle and Human Rights in the Bolivarian Revolution: An Conversation with Ana Barrios (Cira Pascual Marquina/Venezuelanalysis)

Ana Barrios has been a social worker and human rights activist for some thirty years. She is a member of the Surgentes collective, an Chavista organization that works to democratize society and strengthen popular power initiatives. She is also part of San Agustin Convive, a mostly women’s cooperative in the San Agustin barrio in Caracas.


10) Chilean animation pays tribute to land struggles of Mapuche indigenous peoples (Sounds and Colours)

Choyün, Shoots of the Earth tells the story of a young Mapuche woman returning from the capital Santiago to her ancestral southern home in the Araucania region, currently facing a social and environmental crisis.