Our monthly selection of the best articles on Latin America from around the internet.

1) Debate: Who Is Behind Nicaragua’s Turmoil? (Debate between Dr. Mary Ellsberg of George Washington University & Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone Project / The Real News Network)

Recent months of deadly unrest in Nicaragua have fractured splits in the Sandinista movement, with critics accusing President Daniel Ortega of autocratic rule, and supporters accusing the opposition of attempting a US-backed soft coup. The Real News Network hosts a debate between Dr. Mary Ellsberg of George Washington University and Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone Project.

2) Ecuador’s Great Betrayal – An Interview with Guillaume Long (Interview by Pablo Vivanco / Jacobin)

For more than a decade, the Citizen’s Revolution that began under Rafael Correa made tremendous strides in reduction of poverty and inequality, including taking hundreds of thousands of children off the streets and into schools, while also significantly increasing Ecuador’s middle class. Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno was elected to continue Correa’s Citizens’ Revolution — but has set about dismantling it instead.

3)  The Ghosts of a Torture Chamber (Vijay Prashad / Newsclick)

Where the State takes its citizens to be tortured is often a place of ordinariness. In a middle-class neighbourhood in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the military Junta chose the building of the officers’ club of a naval school for its torture and extermination centre. This was during the military dictatorship from 1976 to 1983.

4) Land, Water and Education, Priorities for Chile’s Mapuche People (Orlando Milesi / Inter Press Service News Agency)

A report from Orlando Milesi, on the struggle of the Mapuche indigenous communities and their  Priorities in Chile for Land, Water and Education. The right to land and water, as well as to multicultural education, are the top priority demands of Mapuche leaders working with their communities in the Araucanía region and in Santiago, Chile’s capital.

5) The Pan American – The World of Eduardo Galeano (Mark Engler / The Nation)

Galeano’s radical commitments made him an intimate witness to many of the major turning points in Latin American politics over the last 75 years. Even as he sought to evoke a common identity for the peoples of a continent that had been battered but remained unbowed, his biography mapped the region’s history.

6) US Sanctions Against Venezuela Force Abby Martin’s “Empire Files” to Shut Down (Whitney Webb / Mint Press News)

The U.S. government is not only seeking to punish the Venezuelan government with its increasingly draconian sanctions, but is seeking as well to cripple the teleSUR media network, despite the fact that it is funded by several other countries. Recent US sanctions against Venezuela By the Trump Administration has resulted in the complete shutdown of operations of The Empire Files program hosted by Abby Martin.

7) Luis Salas: Social Inclusion Is Needed to Overcome the Crisis (Luis Salas & Cira Pascual Marquina / Venezuelanalysis)

Former Venezuelan Vice President for Productive Economy, Luis Salas now teaches political economy at the Bolivarian University while writing prolifically about Venezuela’s economic and political scene. In this interview with Venezuelanalysis, Salas responds to our questions about the economic measures that the government implemented earlier this month, which include a reconversion of the Bolivar currency, an anchoring of the latter to the Petro cryptocurrency, and a minimum wage hike. The interview asks him to help make sense of these measures and their likely effect on the country’s future.

8) Cuba’s ‘Sonic Attacks’ vs Edinburgh University: The 40% Mystery (Arnold August / TeleSur)

Two Neuroscientist from the University of Edinburgh Debunk US Report by the University of Pennsylvania on Cuban Sonic attack on US diplomats. The Academics questioned the veracity of the report as “lacking in scientific rigour,” “unreliable” and “unsound”. The Two scientists reproduced the test 1,000 times and showed that the threshold established by the Pennsylvania report was not recognised in clinical testing.

9) #AMLO in Mexico: What are the two greatest challenges of the new president? (Democracia Abierta / Open Democracy)

Among the greatest challenges that new Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador faces, violence and corruption come out on top. How he addresses these issues will determine his presidency.


10) Our 100 Days 4/7 – Here I’ll Stay (Lorena Manríquez & Marlene McCurtis / Firelight Media & Field of Vision)

In Jackson, Mississippi, a coalition of Latino, black, and white activists known as MIRA (Mississippi Immigrants’ Rights Alliance) confronts local lawmakers, who introduced 12 anti-immigrant bills into the state legislature in 2017. Among those protesting in the state’s capital: 13-year-old Yizel, whose parents are undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

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