Our fifth Alborada Online event explored Chile’s coronavirus crisis and its effect on the country’s uprising against neoliberalism.

Event held on Sunday 14 June – for more info, click here.

Chile exceeded 105 thousand cases of COVID-19 and registered a new peak of deaths and daily infections on Monday 1 June. According to the Ministry of Health, 5,471 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours, the highest daily number, reaching a total of 105,159 cases. According to the Piñera government 59 people died in the 24 hours before Monday, this being a new peak of daily deaths, giving a total of 1,113 deaths from the disease. How does this scenario impact on the mass calls for reform to the neoliberal system that erupted in October 2019?


Héctor Ríos Jara is Phd research student in social science at University College London, University of London. He is a member of Social Theory and Latinamerican thought CLACSO and the Chilean London Assembly (Asamblea Chilena en Londres).

Dr Bárbara Fernández Melleda is a Chilean academic, currently working as Assistant Professor in Latin American Studies at The University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on a variety of topics that analyse Chilean literature, such as intersections between articulations of the female psyche, and the criticism of neoliberal principles within a post-dictatorship context.

> Alejandro Kirk is a journalist with HispanTV and teleSUR/teleSUR English

Chaired by Dr Rodrigo Acuña (Alborada contributing editor)

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