Our third Alborada Online event discusses discussing the recent failed coup attempt in Venezuela and how grassroots movements in the country are resisting US government sanctions and ongoing regime change efforts.

Event held on Tuesday 19 May – more info


> Ana Felicien is a Venezuelan food sovereignty activist involved in drafting the country’s 2015 “National Seed Law” which banned the use of GMOs. She is currently involved in the “Pueblo a Pueblo” commune initiative which seeks to build a new food system in Venezuela, including community-led production and distribution networks.

> Ricardo Vaz is a journalist, political analyst and editor at the independent grassroots website Venezuelanalysis. He is also a member of the Venezuelan media collective Tatuy TV and a regular contributor at Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR).

Dan Kovalik is a labour & human rights lawyer based in the United States. His latest book ‘No More War’ documents how the West uses “humanitarian intervention” to pursue its strategic economic interests. He is also the author of ‘The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela’ with a foreword by Oliver Stone.

Chaired by Rachael Boothroyd (Alborada contributing editor)

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