Our tenth Alborada Online event looked at the MAS’ election victory in Bolivia and the significance for Latin America’s progressive movements.

Bolivia’s presidential election of 18 October 2020 resulted in a landslide victory for the Movement Towards Socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo, MAS), almost one year after it was forced out in a US-backed coup d’état.

The coup installed a far-right regime which massacred indigneous protesters, criminalised the MAS and implemented neoliberal policies. Most sections of the English-language mainstream media legitimised the coup despite the absence of evidence of fraud and the widespread human rights violations being committed by security forces.

But intense resistance and organisation among the Bolivian people led to new elections which saw the MAS candidate, Luis ‘Lucho’ Arce, elected with a huge mandate. What comes next for Bolivia and the MAS? Will Jeanine Añez and the coup regime be held to account? How will Bolivia resist future destabilisation seeking to take control of its natural resources? And will there be any role for Evo Morales?

*Alborada Online event recorded on 1 November 2020*

We are joined by journalists who have reported extensively on Bolivia:

Ollie Vargas, Bolivian journalist

Olivia Arigho-Stiles, Alborada contributing editor

Denis Rogatyuk, El Ciudadano international editor

Chaired by Rachael Boothroyd, Alborada contributing editor

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