Alborada is an independent voice on Latin American politics, media and culture. We provide a progressive take on the region, offering perspectives rarely found in the mainstream. We do this through articles, podcasts and in-person and online events and documentary screenings.

Our sister organisation Alborada Films produces and distributes social issue videos and documentaries about Latin America and beyond

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What people say

“The launch of Alborada magazine is one of those landmarks of journalism. For me, the epic story of hope in our time is the rise of Latin America, as people and their movements shake off their chains, especially those tethering them to the United States. Pablo Navarrete’s work has been part of this liberation — a liberation of justice and ideas that has far to go, but is well on its way in the daily lives and the consciousness of millions. Congratulations to Pablo and all who have made Alborada magazine possible.”
John Pilger, journalist and documentary filmmaker

“In times of bad news, finally some good reaches us: Alborada is online, available all over the world, as a meeting point that bridges distances. Let’s all enjoy this new space to engage with the issues that large media companies stay silent on, this essential document for all the world to know our pain as well as our resistance. By looking inwards, we can understand ourselves better in order to change. Congratulations, Alborada! We’re going to read you.”
Paula Mónaco Felipe, Argentinian journalist based in Mexico, correspondent for La Jornada and author of Ayotzinapa, Horas Eternas (Ayotzinapa, Eternal Hours)

“I’ve been waiting years for something like Alborada to arrive – a publication that intelligently and critically informs on the politics, culture and resistance happening in one of the world’s most exciting regions. The people of Latin America have let us glimpse a way of organising societies on more human principles. For those committed to progressive change, understanding the region is a must. Alborada is our best guide.”
Matt Kennard, journalist and author of The Racket: A Rogue Reporter vs the Masters of the Universe 

“In the dark days following the elections of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan when we faced a the loud monotony of TINA, ‘There is No Alternative’, we looked to Latin America, to Brazil, to Venezuela, to Bolivia, to Cuba and to Argentina where radical left parties, leaders and movements were showing in practice: Another World is Possible. We went, we read, we learnt, we were inspired. Right through to the 21st Century and the World Social Forum. Pablo Navarrete, inspired by the struggle of his parents and their generation in Chile, was one of the most consistent and perceptive writers on these alternatives. Now, at a very different political moment, he has founded Alborada. A counter revolution is underway in Latin America. Solidarity and critical understanding is needed.  A left magazine focusing on Latin America is more needed than ever to provide analysis directly informed by the struggle. The networks and trust built up by Alborada are uniquely well place to provide exactly that. We need to read it and to support it. Alborada is an essential resource for informed support and collaboration with those who inspired us 40 years ago and whose successors will inspire us yet again.”
Hilary Wainwright, founder editor Red Pepper, Fellow Transnational Institute

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