Music Video: Wara-Leave to Remain

Video for the title track from Wara's 2013 album 'Leave To Remain', out now on Movimientos Records.

More information about the video and Wara here:


I woke up this morning /
to the sound of my own future /
looking straight at me /
with hurry in its face /
it said “I´d like /
to introduce you to the choices /
that most other people /
will never get to make

You´re born free /
in a world of wealth and hunger /
you´re the 1% that has more than it needs /
and you complain /
'cos you don´t know where you´re going /
'cos you´ve got too many options /
and you don´t know what to be

You could have been born /
to hunger or illness /
to healthcare that´s not coming /
to corruption or to war /
you could have been born /
in places that were wealthy /
with a system that was fair /
until Europe came along

But the belly of the beast is unforgiving /
there is no such thing as giving unless there´s something in return /
and it pretends /
that it will take you in /
but “yes” is always “maybe” when you can´t prove you´re one of hers

You should be fighting /
for everybody´s chances /
that were badly distributed /
and given to you instead /
and every single day /
is a gift that you´ve been offered /
like a privilege of sorts /
so waste your time if you dare

I stroll on the river path and pass / skinny-arsed figures like smudges on the lithograph / living fast in the harsh winter / vast monoliths / offices rise like glass obelisks / neon-signs, fake nails, Heygate grey-scale / make way or face jail / those are your options / outfit, costume, the whole world's a stage come / you can pick a part or play dumb and get preyed on / lobotomised office guy new design / custom made suit and tie smiley face googly eye / remove the spine for a smoother ride / it's hard to have a heart when you've been dehumanised / you and I nothing but surfaces / emotions replaced with a couple of cursor clicks / “I'm sorry but computer says no / there's nothing I can do I think that you should just go”...

If you don´t like it don´t watch don´t listen don´t dance /
call the police and report me
Because we are what we are, human beings /
we will stay if we want to /
and if they kick us out we come back
If you don´t like it ...
I don´t have borders on any of the continents /
I have friends in a thousand different countries
If you don´t like it ...
Fly, fly, may my words fly /
I´ll keep singing with papers, without papers
If you don´t like it ...
I am from here and I come from elsewhere,
I have left to remain, leave to remain the same, free mambo with the Wara!

I speak in the name of those who are paying the price of a law that pretends that a human being can be illegal;
that under the premise of borders and inequalities created in times of colonialism, a human being can still be treated like a dog, with no rights.

Over here I have the shiniest stuff, the prettiest, and over there centuries of wisdom, culture and identity that marked my path

Over here time is golden
And over there if it´s not the chain it´s the heart
Over here walking like running
And over there when you cry you cry smiling
Over here, people, good people, bad people
Over here... and over there