Public Talk: US Bases in Colombia (Thursday September 10th/London)

US Bases in Colombia:
Social progress and democracy versus coups and militarisation

- Grace Livingstone: Journalist and Author of the book America’s Backyard, 2009, Zed Book.
- Dr. Francisco Dominguez: Head of the Centre for Brazilian and Latin American Studies at Middlesex University

Following the presentations and a Q & A with the speakers, there will be live music by Venezuelan and Colombian musicians: Wilmer Sifontes and Diego Laverde
Date and Venue:
Thursday, 10 September, 7:30 pm
Bolivar Hall: 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL
Tel: 020 7388-6788 email:

Background Reading:
Colombia: U.S. Bases Stoke the Flames of Regional Conflict

Background Viewing:
The War on Democracy by John Pilger
More info here: