Poem: That Which Returns: A Poem for Alexander Mora (R. Rahal/Subversiones)

[On Sunday 7 December it was confirmed that the remains of 1 of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, Mexico had been identified. He was 21, named Alexander Mora, from a very poor indigenous community called Teponoapa in Guerrero. Below moving poem written in his memory that has been translated into English. The original poem In Spanish can be found below the English translation.]

That Which Returns: A Poem for Alexander Mora (R.Rahal/Subversiones) Translated by Camilo Perez-Bustillo.)

It was only a molar that returned home

that resisted the embrace of fire

the earth’s blow

the river’s current

Clinging to preserve all his words

that now cry out

from all of our mouths

A molar and a bone

was what they gave his father

for all eternity one cold December

A light sowed by hatred

during an endless September night

So many feet treading unknowingly

along the path that might find them

So many cries searching fruitlessly

for the mouths to which his words belong

How much is left of all of those we are missing?

Subversiones: Agencia de Comunicacion Alternativa (http://subversiones.org/archivos/110739), who originally published the poem in Spanish.

**Version en Español**

Lo que vuelve: poema para Alexander Mora (R.Rahal)

Sólo una muela volvió a casa

resistió el abrazo del fuego

el golpe de tierra

el caudal del río

Se aferró a guardar todas tus palabras

que ahora gritan todas nuestras bocas

Muela y hueso le dieron a tu padre

para siempre un diciembre frío

una luz sembrada por el odio

la noche de un septiembre interminable

Tantos pies que recorren sin saber

a donde lleva el camino de encontrarlos

tantos gritos que buscan sin hallar

a que bocas pertenecen sus palabras

¿Cuánto nos queda de todos los que nos faltan?

Subversiones: Agencia de Comunicacion Alternativa (http://subversiones.org/archivos/110739)