News & Analysis: Neoliberalism Needs Death Squads in Colombia (Hans Bennett/Upside Down World)

Neoliberalism Needs Death Squads in Colombia

Thursday September 3rd 2009, by Hans Bennett (Upside Down World)

In her new book Blood & Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia, author Jasmin Hristov writes: “For roughly forty years, the Colombian state has been playing a double game: prohibiting the formation of paramilitary groups with one law and facilitating their existence with another; condemning their barbarities and at the same time assisting their operations; promising to bring perpetrators of crime to justice, while opening the door to perpetual immunity; convicting them of narco-trafficking, yet profiting from their drug deals; announcing to the world the government’s persecution of paramilitary organizations, even though in reality these ‘illegal armed groups’ have been carrying out the dirty work unseemly for a state that claims to be democratic and worthy of billions of dollars in US military aid.”


Alborada News: New YouTube Channel

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Documentary: South of the Border by Oliver Stone (Trailer)

South of the Border, which premieres at the Venice film festival on Monday, is Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone latest documentary. It journeys to South America to see first-hand how their political system functions. In this film, co-written by Tariq Ali, Stone interviews Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.


News & Analysis: IMF: Stop Funding Honduras (Mark Weisbrot/The Guardian website)

IMF: Stop Funding Honduras

Thursday September 3rd 2009, by Mark Weisbrot (Comment is Free/The Guardian)

By giving millions of dollars to Honduras, the IMF is supporting an illegitimate coup government the world doesn't recognise


Book Launch: 'Los que dijeron "No"' by Jorge Magasich (Friday September 11th/London)

Book Launch: 'Los que dijeron "No"' (''Those who dared to say "No"': The history of sailors of the Chilean Navy) by Jorge Magasich



Live Music: Movimientos Live (Tuesday September 22nd/London)

Throwing down the gauntlet once more Movimientos present a mouthwatering feast of musical revolution with two of London’s finest up and coming acts and two quality touring international acts playing exclusive London shows.

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Public Talk: US Bases in Colombia (Thursday September 10th/London)

US Bases in Colombia:
Social progress and democracy versus coups and militarisation

- Grace Livingstone: Journalist and Author of the book America’s Backyard, 2009, Zed Book.
- Dr. Francisco Dominguez: Head of the Centre for Brazilian and Latin American Studies at Middlesex University


Music: 'Venezuelan Underground' Radio Show (Movimientos/OpenAir Radio)

Fresh sounds from Venezuela's underground music scene and the Hip Hop Revolucion movement, courtesy of Pablo Navarrete and Movimientos' Cal Jader.


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