News & Analysis: The Road to Zelaya's Return: Money, Guns and Social Movements in Honduras (Benjamin Dangl/Upside Down World)

The Road to Zelaya's Return: Money, Guns and Social Movements in Honduras

September 21st 2009, by Benjamin Dangl - Upside Down World

Nearly three months after being overthrown by a violent military coup, Honduran president Manuel Zelaya has returned to Honduras. "I am here in Tegucigalpa. I am here for the restoration of democracy, to call for dialogue," he told reporters. The embattled road to his return tested regional diplomacy, challenged Washington and galvanized Honduran social movements.


Public Talk: Implications of US Military Influence in Latin America (Tuesday September 22nd/London)

Tuesday 22nd of September - 19h00

* Documentary: Hidden in plain Sight (School of the Americas and the indoctrination of Latin American military officers)

* Álvaro Sanchez - councilor of the Venezuelan Embassy (US Military influence in the continent, threats for Venezuela and the region)

* Paul Bullock - Senior Lecturer of Economics, expert in Latin America and member of FRFI (Militarism and US imperialism in Latin America).


Music: Interactivo (Cuba)

Latin/Funk fusion

Listen to their music here:

Watch Interactivo perform 'Rumba Pa´ofrendarle' at the Karl Marx theatre in Havana, Cuba here:


Film: New Film Examines Chile's 'Guantanamo' (AFP)

New film Examines Chile's 'Guantanamo'

By Moises Avila Roldan (AFP) – Sep 11, 2009

SANTIAGO — A new film by a renowned Chilean director focuses on a Tierra del Fuego island prison, a sort of "Guantanamo Bay" jail for political dissidents who endured hellish conditions there 35 years ago.

Dawson Island, located at the western entrance to the Straights of Magellan, was home for more than a year to 99 politicians and personalities close to the deposed socialist government of president Salvador Allende.


News & Analysis: Militarising Latin America (Noam Chomsky/In These Times)

[Latin America has retained its primacy in U.S. global planning. If the United States cannot control Latin America, it cannot expect "to achieve a successful order elsewhere in the world." However, recently South America has moved toward integration, a prerequisite for independence; has broadened international ties; and has addressed internal disorders-foremost, the traditional rule of a rich Europeanized minority over a sea of misery and suffering.]

Militarising Latin America

September 13th 2009, by Noam Chomsky - In These Times

The United States was founded as an "infant empire," in the words of George Washington. The conquest of the national territory was a grand imperial venture. From the earliest days, control over the hemisphere was a critical goal.


Festival: 3rd Native Spirit Festival (October-November 09/London)

A season of films, talks and performances promoting the Cultures of Indigenous people.

More info:


News & Analysis: My Father Has Been Punished for Helping Honduras (Xiomara Zelaya/The New Statesman)

[President Zelaya's 24 year old daughter explains to The New Statesman how the Honduran people are resisting the dictatorship.]

My Father Has Been Punished for Helping Honduras

September 17th 2009, by Xiomara Zelaya - The New Statesman


Short Documentary: Amazon Oil (Fernando Lucena/Al Jazeera English)

People & Power looks at the devastation brought to the Peruvian rainforest by international oil companies.

Watch it here:

Background reading:
Massacre in the Amazon: The U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement Sparks a Battle over Land and Resources


Documentary: Salvador Allende (Patricio Guzman)

Patricio Guzmán ('The Battle of Chile') tells Allende's story, from his youth in Valparaiso and his early presidential campaigns, to his bold nationalist reforms and his death during the violent rightist coup of September 11, 1973.

Watch it here:

Background reading:
Pinochet Escapes Justice in Death but Allende's Spirit Lives on in Latin America
by Roberto Navarrete

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