News: Zelaya Claims US and Micheletti are Involved in “Laundering” the Coup (MercoPress)

[Honduran ousted president Manuel Zelaya claims the United States in partnership with de facto leader Roberto Micheletti are involved in an operation to “launder” the coup d’etat of June 28th.]

Zelaya Claims US and Micheletti are Involved in “Laundering” the Coup

Tuesday 17th December - MercoPress

The operation consists in having Micheletti step down as caretaker president before the Honduran Congress and then accepts to join a transition cabinet.


Books: November 2009 (Recommended by

Below a list of books we've received that we like. If you'd like to send a book to be considered for this list email: info[at]


- America's Backyard: The United States and Latin America from the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror, by Grace Livingstone
(Zed: February 2009). More info:


Comment & Analysis: Unsettling Revelations Regarding U.S. Lease of Colombian Military Bases (Christina Esquivel/COHA)

[U.S. Air Force Reveals Another Possible Explanation Behind Bilateral Defense Cooperation Agreement]

Unsettling Revelations Regarding U.S. Lease of Colombian Military Bases

Monday 16th November 2009, by Christina Esquivel - Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA)


Live Music: Edgar Macías Quintet (Thursday 19th November/London)

five-piece band that combines different jazz styles and rhythms from funk to South American. Edgar is a fantastic Venezuelan pianist and a great exponent of Latin jazz.

'A delight ... alternating between percussive rhythm parts and unfettered improvising.' Ian Mann. 'Latin-based but firmly in modern jazz territory, with any one of the five liable to reel off dazzling solos, it's a truly great band that you'd be daft to miss.' Stratford Jazz


Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC) National Speaking Tour: Venezuela: 10 Years of Social Progress

As part of our initiatives to mark 10 years of social progress in Venezuela, VSC is organising events (see below) across the country from now until December 5 in Birmingham, Brighton, Chelmsford, Leeds, London and Manchester, alongside a London fundraising dinner on November 28.

Venezuelan speakers at the events will include:
*Eglé Sanchez - General Secretary of the Venezuelan Graphic, Print and Paper Workers’ Union; organiser for, and representative of workers within, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela; and recent recipient of a May Day award from Hugo Chávez recognising her contribution to the revolution.
* Elias Rodriguez – Union President and PSUV activist.


Comment & Analysis: Honduran Crisis "Threatens Democracy" (Interview with Allan Fajaro/The Independent)

Honduran Crisis "Threatens Democracy"

Thursday 12th December, by By Katherine Butler - The Independent

A rash of military coups could be triggered across Latin America if the world fails to stand up to the illegal regime in Honduras, a close aide of the ousted president Manuel Zelaya warned yesterday.


Conference: Extreme forms of Violence against Women: Femicide in Mexico and Central America (26th-27th November 2009/London)

Central America Women's Network (CAWN) is holding an international seminar on "Extreme Violence against Women: Femicides in Mexico and Central America". Please join us and our guest speakers who will be travelling from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.


Live Music: Omar Puente (Tuesday 17th November/London)

More info about the concert here:


Comment & Analysis: Electrical Workers of Mexico Take on Calderon Government (Tamara Pearson/Upside Down World)

[I met Jose Hernandez, a leader of the Mexican Union of Electricity workers (SME) at a metro station called Obrera (Worker), unsurprisingly located in a working class area of Mexico city, and from there we walked back to his house. “I’m very tired, I’m exhausted,” he said, smiling, as he made me tea. “I haven’t stopped for days.” What follows is his account of the recent events in his union and the electricity company Fuerzas y Luces, after 6000 federal police and soldiers occupied it on 10 October.]

Electrical Workers of Mexico Take on Calderon Government

Monday 9th November 2009, by Tamara Pearson - Upside Down World


Desde Dentro: Un Viaje al Corazón de la Revolución Venezolana (Presentaciones en EEUU/Diciembre 2009)

Desde Dentro: Un Viaje al Corazón de la Revolución Venezolana (Director: Pablo Navarrete, 65 minutos, Alborada Films, 2009)

Mas informacione sobre el documental aqui:

Presentaciones en Español
***Para ver mas informacion sobre presentaciones de la version del documental en Ingles ver:

::: Jueves 10 de Diciembre - Queens Museum of Art (6.30pm-8.30pm) - Entrada: gratis/donación voluntaria)

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