News: Spain Celebrates Latin American Liberation with Bicentenary Films

[Cinematic collaboration presents stories of the greatest colonial rebels to new generation of film-goers.]


Comment & Analysis: Venezuela and Libya: An Interview with Gregory Wilpert (Venezuela Analysis)

[ conducted the following interview with Gregory Wilpert. Wilpert is a sociologist, freelance journalist, co-founder of, and author of the book, 'Changing Venezuela by Taking Power'.]


Comment & Analysis: Independence is Another Name for Dignity (Eduardo Galeano/La Jornada)

[Does not Don Simón continue to teach us, a century and a half after his death, that independence is another name for dignity? It is true that the colonial legacy still weighs, and weighs heavily, that it applauds copy and curses creation and admires, as Don Simón denounced, the virtues of the monkey and the parrot.]


Comment & Analysis: Women at the Forefront of Grassroots Organising in El Salvador (Dahr Jamail/IPS)

[Women are playing a leading role in a powerful social movement addressing natural resource protection, adaptation to climate change, and corporate accountability in this coastal village in El Salvador.]


Comment & Analysis: From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia: An Interview with Jeffery Webber (The Commune)

[Jeffery Webber, author of a new book 'From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia', is interviewed about Bolivia’s social movements and the course of Evo Morales’ MAS government.]


News: Wikileaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, March 7-13, 2011 (Dawn Paley)

Wikileaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, March 7-13, 2011

Monday 7 March 2010, by Dawn Paley


Student protest shuts down speech by US Ambassador to Argentina on her fist visit outside of BsAs #cablegate


Comment & Analysis: What’s Going on in Libya? From Latin America to the Arab World (Santiago Alba Rico and Alma Allende/Tlaxcala)

[With any luck, Gaddafi will fall – better today than tomorrow – and Latin America will understand that what is happening right now in the Arab world has to do, not with the Machiavellian plans of the EU and the U.S. (which without a doubt are maneuvering in the shadows), but with the open processes of Our America, that America which belongs to everyone, that of ALBA and dignity, since the beginning of the 1990s, following in the wake of the Cuba of 1958.]


News: Venezuelan Government Rejects Possible Intervention in Libya

[Following the announcement of sanctions on Libya’s leader Muammar al-Gaddafi by the United Nations (UN) Security Council, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro warned against any possible military intervention in the country. President Chavez, commemorating Venezuela’s “Caracazo” massacre, also condemned violence and called for peace in Libya.]


Live Music: Calle 13 - Latinoamérica (Festival de Viña 2011)

[Puerto Rico's 'Calle 13' perform their song 'Latinoamérica' alongside members of Chile's 'Inti-Illimani' at the 'Festival de Viña' in Chile.]


Comment & Analysis: Chile: Where Abortion Isn't An Option (Catalina May/The Guardian)

[Through their hardline stance on abortion, the Catholic church and rightwing politicians in Chile are costing women their lives.]

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