News: Wikileaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, March 14-20, 2011 (Dawn Paley)


Argentine Minister of Economy "likes to ski every season at Aspen and surf at San Diego-area beaches" #cablegate

Cristina Kirchener to USG: Chavez is "Caribbean" and "full of surprises" #cablegate

G7+: Argentina "could be expelled from the G-20" #cablegate


News: Colombia Planned Leaks to Link Chavez, Correa to FARC: WikiLeaks

[The Uribe administration in 2008 carefully planned the leaking of information from computers of killed FARC commander Raul Reyes to link Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa to the rebel group, diplomatic cables released Wednesday by WikiLeaks.]


Comment & Analysis: Obama in Latin America: Brazilian Ethanol, Washington Bombs and Venezuelan Nukes (Greg Grandin/The Nation)

[According to Michael Froman, Obama’s national security adviser for international economic affairs, “This trip fundamentally is about the US recovery, US exports and the critical relationship that Latin America plays in our economic future and jobs here in the United States.”]


Music: Mercedes Sosa - Solo le Pido a Dios

[Argentinian singer Haydee Mercedes Sosa (July 9, 1935 – October 4, 2009) was dubbed “the voice of the voiceless ones” for her socially conscious music.]


News: Paramilitaries Launch New Wave of Threats against Colombian Journalists

[Reporters without Borders (RSF) reports that it has received a copy of a new set of threats against journalists and human rights activists in Colombia from the Black Eagles paramilitary group, which for the last five years has engaged in acts of violence and intimidation against the press.]


News: Bolivia's Evo Morales Asks that Obama be Stripped of Nobel Peace Prize

[Bolivian President Evo Morales demanded Monday that the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament deprive US President Barack Obama of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize after he ordered airstrikes on Libya.]


Comment & Analysis: Mexico: The Casualties of War (Siobhan McGuirk/Red Pepper)

[Behind the bloody headlines of Mexico’s war on drugs, creeping militarism and corruption is silencing public dissent. Government policy failures are leading to social breakdown.]


Comment & Analysis: The Human Tragedy Behind the Media Misrepresentation of Venezuela (Matthew Willgress/

[There is an exciting story that could be told about Venezuela of how a new society is being built, where people’s living standards and public services are being protected despite the deep global recession. Omission and distortion of these developments is frequent. Now it seems such misrepresentation applies even to human tragedies in Venezuela.]


Comment & Analysis Video: A Hip-Hop School in the Large and Overcrowded Barrio of La Vega (Lanie Cassel/Epatu Youth)

[This short video documents a hip-hop school in the large and overcrowded barrio of La Vega in the hillsides of Caracas, Venezuela. Filmed in the months of July and August in 2010, it features interviews and performances by those involved in the school known as EPATU (Popular School for the Arts and Urban Traditions).]

Hip-Hop La Vega. Caracas, Venezuela from Caracazo Media on Vimeo.


Comment & Analysis: Gasolinazo Challenges Bolivia’s 'Process of Change' (Emily Achtenberg/NACLA)

[The gasolinazo has opened up a broad debate about Bolivia’s political and economic future, creating new tensions and opportunities for the “process of change.” Whether the MAS government will accept this challenge as a “wake-up call” for a new, more participatory direction remains to be seen.]

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