Chilean Business (Nueva Cancion Music Selection) By Ursula Parvex (Alborada Soundsystem)

[In advance of our event Cine Liberación: A Day of Documentary & Discussion on Latin America on 9 November in London, we offer this selection of Nueva Cancion music by Ursula Parvex (Alborada Soundsystem). On Sunday Ursula will be selecting the music in advance of the live performances by Alex Etchart and the Lokandes quartet & guests. Visit the SoundCloud page for more information on the selection from Ursula and for tracklistings.] >>Event info:

Cine Liberación: A Day of Documentary & Discussion on Latin America (Sunday 9 November/London, UK)

For links to photos taken at the event see below.

**Ver abajo para información en Español**

Alborada and Movimientos present a day of documentary and discussion about Latin America centred around the themes of Exile, Solidarity and Culture. Films screened to include the new acclaimed documentary on the late, legendary Argentinian singer Mercedes Sosa.

The event will close with a special musical performance by Lokandes Quartet & guests.


What's At Stake in Brazil (Emir Sader)

[What's at stake in Brazil in these elections is whether the country will continue as a major partner of Latin America and the Global South or if it will return to being a US satellite.]


Documentary: !Salud! (Director: Connie Field, 2006)

[A timely examination of human values and the health issues that affect us all, !Salud! looks at the case of Cuba, a country with what the BBC calls 'one of the world's best health systems.' From the shores of Africa to the Americas, !Salud! hits the road with some of the 28,000 Cuban health professionals serving in 68 countries, and explores the hearts and minds of international medical students in Cuba -- now numbering 30,000, including nearly 100 from the USA.]

Salud from MEDICC Global on Vimeo.


Music: Diez de La Negra: 10 Mercedes Sosa Songs (Alborada Spotify Selection)

A selection of 10 songs written and/or performed by the late, great Mercedes Sosa. Selected by Pablo Navarrete for Alborada's Spotify account.

See also: Singing Truth to Power (T.M. Scruggs/Alborada Magazine)


Documentary: Calle 13 - Sin Mapa (English Subtitles)


Latinamericanism (Emir Sader)

[It's as is the Europeans had invented a Latin America for their own use. This has impeded and continues to impede them from knowing the real Latin America. This applies as much for traditional thinking as for the left, whatever its profile.]


Music Video: Ana Tijoux - Somos Sur (feat Shadia Mansour)

[Below the video from ‘Somos Sur’, the second single from the new album by Chilean singer/rapper Anita Tijoux. "'Somos Sur' is about the importance of resistance, not only in Chile, but around the world," Tijoux tells Rolling Stone. "Global resistance movements, whether in Latin America, Africa or the Middle East, are fighting against the same patterns of violence that have repeated themselves throughout history. Which means many of these groups share a similar set of demands. We are asking for a free Palestine just like we’re asking for an independent Wallmapu [the Mapuche ancestral territories in southern Chile and Argentina] in Chile, without police control."]


Alborada e-news: June 2014


We hope you are all well. Our June e-news will inform you about our activities, as well as the latest information related to Latin America.

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Alborada Football T-shirts

To mark the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil we are releasing T-shirts of two celebrated World Cup figures. Socrates led Brazil to the quarterfinal stages of the 1982 World Cup. In the same year he won the league championship with Corinthians with "Democracia" printed on the back as a protest against Brazil's military junta. Maradona is best known for his performance for Argentina in the 1986 World Cup. His two goals in the quarterfinal against England in particular became a symbol of colonial defiance coming just 3 years after the Falklands War ('Guerra de las Las Malvinas'). Emphasising his country's refusal to be brow beaten by larger imperial nations, at a political rally in 2005 he insisted "La Argentina es digna" (Argentina has dignity).

1)Alborada 'Socrates' T-shirt

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