Alborada e-news: June 2014


We hope you are all well. Our June e-news will inform you about our activities, as well as the latest information related to Latin America.

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1. Alborada News & Events

2. Alborada Competitions

3. Other Latin America Related Information


1. Alborada News & Events

> Alborada's football themed T-Shirts have arrived just in time for the World Cup. Check them out here.

> On Saturday 21 June in London (UK) we'll be screening the Argentinian documentary 'Goals For Girls - A Story of Women with Balls'. More information here. The screening is part of the Brazilian cultural festival 'Joga Bola!'.

> You can connect with Alborada on Twitter and Facebook. Click here for more information.


2. Alborada Competitions

This month we have two copies of the book 'Brazil Inside Out: People, Politics and Culture' to give away.

Latin America Bureau (LAB), together with Practical Action Publishing
(PAP), have published a new book on Brazil – a very readable introduction to the country’s charms, contradictions and complexities, with a dash of humour to lighten the facts and figures.

For a chance to win a copy of the book click here.


3. Other Latin America Related Information

::: News, Analysis, Culture

> The 2014 World Cup: Prosperity for FIFA Means Pain for Brazil (Nayana Fernandez/

> Colombia’s First Round Result Puts Peace Talks in Danger (Justice for Colombia)

> VIDEO: Free To Watch Online: Ten Documentaries Which Explore Contemporary Themes Of Revolution In Latin America (Nick MacWilliam/Sounds and Colours)

> The Politics of Pachamama: Natural Resource Extraction vs. Indigenous Rights and the Environment in Latin America (Ben Dangl/Upside Down World)

> MUSIC: Fecha Os Olhos (Brazilian Music Selection) By Ursula Parvex (Alborada Sound System)

> Can Rafael Correa Deliver His Citizens' Revolution For Ecuador? (Boaventura de Sousa Santos/The Guardian)

> VIDEO: Chilean Robin Hood? Artist Known as "Papas Fritas" on Burning $500M Worth of Student Debt (Democracy Now!)

> What Podemos (Fortunately) Learned From Venezuela (Pascual Serrano/El Diario)

> Will Julian Assange Be Moving to a Squatters’ Settlement in Brazil? (Ben Dangl/Vice)

> PHOTO ESSAY: Zapatistas Show Dignified Rage and Demand Justice and an End to Violence Targeting their Communities (Tim Russo/Upside Down World)


::: Latin America Related Events

Click here to see a list of upcoming Latin America related events taking place in London and around the UK.


That's all for our June 2014 e-news.