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"The launch of Alborada magazine is one of those landmarks of journalism. For me, the epic story of hope in our time is the rise of Latin America, as people and their movements shake off their chains, especially those tethering them to the United States."

- John Pilger (Journalist, author and documentary filmmaker)

Editors: Nick MacWilliam, Pablo Navarrete, Tim Potter, Josh Watts




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Voices of the Voiceless (Matthew Brown/Alborada Magazine)

[In the 1990s the Peruvian government of Alberto Fujimori conducted a clandestine sterilisation programme against the country’s indigenous population. A web-based documentary platform, the Quipu Project, aims to give a voice to the victims, writes Matthew Brown.]


The Fight Against Femicide (Mariela Magnelli/Alborada Magazine)

[In May 2015, an Argentinian radio journalist tweeted her dismay at yet another violent death of a woman in the country. Within a month, 300,000 people had taken to Argentina’s streets to protest the ongoing crisis of gender-based violence. The Ni Una Menos (Not One Less) movement has ignited the issue of women’s rights but, writes Mariela Magnelli, much still needs to be done.]


Latinxs con Corbyn (Lara Keay/Alborada Magazine)

[From Pinochet's Chile to Mexico today, Labour's new leader Jeremy Corbyn has a strong record of campaigning for social justice in Latin America, writes Lara Keay]

Photo credit/copyright: London Mexico Solidarity


The Emerging Triple Helix (Victor Figueroa-Clark/Alborada Magazine)

[Latin America’s relations with the rising powers of China and Russia form part of a broader global challenge to US domination in world affairs, writes Victor Figueroa-Clark]


The Battle of Argentina (Nick MacWilliam/Alborada Magazine)

[Mauricio Macri's victory in the Argentinian presidential election has energised the right and dismayed the left in Latin America. Turbulent times lie ahead for a sharply divided country, writes Nick MacWilliam.]


Music and Movement (Nick MacWilliam/Alborada Magazine)

[Nick MacWilliam talks to Callum Simpson, the driving force behind London-based music and activism project Movimientos]


Book Review - Paramilitarism & Neoliberalism: Violent Systems of Capital Accumulation in Colombia and Beyond by Jasmin Hristov (Josh Watts/Alborada Magazine)

Paramilitarism & Neoliberalism: violent systems of capital accumulation in Colombia and beyond
Jasmin Hristov
Pluto Press, 2014
Reviewed by Josh Watts - Alborada Magazine (Issue 1 - Spring/Summer 2015)


Colombia: The Path to Peace (Mariela Kohon/Alborada Magazine)

[Key protagonists in Northern Ireland’s peace process have accompanied recent efforts to bring an end to the armed conflict in Colombia. There is now real hope that peace lies on the horizon and that the conflict’s root causes can be resolved, Mariela Kohon writes]


Strait Talking (Carlos Martinez/Alborada Magazine)

[Whatever the public face of improved Cuba-US relations may be, US imperialism will not retreat from its basic position of hostility towards the island, writes Carlos Martinez]

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